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What if acceptance is the only solution sometimes?

What if sometimes "acceptance" is the only solution?

Are you in a constant struggle against adversity in every form? Do you always have a list of tasks to do, plan, do, achieve … and when you have finally crossed everything off this list and you can finally just “be”, you are overwhelmed by a strange emptiness and sadness?

I used to be such a person. I would run from one task to another. Even my vacation had to be full of tasks and adrenaline. Actually, I’m still drawn to “doing” all the time, it’s just that recently I have allowed myself to do nothing and discover what it feels like more and more.

Most often, in the morning everything still seems good, and I’m even happy that I’ve got no plans. However, as the hours pass, I get a feeling of emptiness and sometimes even sadness. The difference, however, lies in what I do with it. Once I would immediately look for some new course, workshop, teacher… something or someone who would help me get out of this “uncomfortable state”. Now I just giving in to it. If I feel like lying all day on the sofa or terrace, I lie down, I wear pajamas until noon, I sleep in the afternoon and do nothing all day.

Have you ever tried it? I truly recommend it, and you’ll see why the day after!

Most often, this next day is for me a day of new ideas, joy and positive energy. As if the body and mind need this break, and the acceptance of their need to do “nothing”. Usually one day is enough for me, but it may be different for yoy. Maybe you need a longer time.

Acceptance is a very difficult lesson for me to learn, but I’m learning it all the time and I still think I have a long way ahead of me.

This is especially true for accepting situations that do not go according to my needs. My frequent reactions include rebellion, escape, negation, anger, etc.;). Is this even a little familiar to you?

For some time, however, I have noticed that if something does not go as I have planned (no matter how much), it is because It is really “not mine”, “not good for me” or “something else, more interesting is waiting for me around the corner”.

I’s happened to me many a time, and is still happening. For example:

  • I did not become a partner at Law Firm X, despite my hard work and very good results. I took it very personally, my boss showed great patience, tolerating my rebellion after my “failure” at that time. And now I’m 100 percent sure that it wasn’t for me.

  • I tried to create a mobile application for traveling women. At every step I struggled with a problem, nothing went as I wanted it to go. I did not give up and somehow moved forward until I saw the visualisation and only then realised that it cannot continue, because it is not really “mine”.

  • After finishing work as a lawyer, I went to Bali to rest for a month, it was supposed to be wonderful, inspirational and joyful. It was sad, hard and lonely. But thanks to this I met Deborah, my current meditation and energy work teacher. Thanks to her, I have opened myself to completely new knowledge and I’ve gotten to know myself even more!

Would you like to try how it works? Maybe next time, if something doesn’t go the way you would like, you’ll wonder “is this mine”? “What does this situation want to tell me?” “What would happen if I accepted that this is happening”? You will probably save yourself some difficult emotions such as regret, anger or resentment. Maybe you will also avoid some kind of illness in the long run, because many of them come from stress and accumulating negative emotions.

I do so. All right – I try to do it– and if I manage to do it, I feel somehow lighter 🙂 . What helps me in this? Systematic meditation. Every morning, no matter what. At least 5 minutes. The beginnings are difficult, but it’s really worth it, because meditation will change not only you, but also the world around you, for the better. Find out for yourself!


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