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Confidently leading women
to challenge their limitations
and authentically show up
with feminine power
and integrity.

Hello! I am Katarzyna Terlecka,

Empowerment Coach and Mentor for Professional Women.

I inspire deep change and empower through a customized approach.

Ever since I can remember, my passion has been exploring and understanding myself and others. The beginnings of this journey date back to my student years, when, in between marathon of legal exams, I devoured guides books by the ton…


Even during the intense work of a lawyer, my interest in the human psyche didn’t wane. While working on transactions and co-managing Warsaw office of an international law firm, I also completed a postgraduate degree in social psychology. I studied on weekends, and despite being extremely tired after busy weeks, my energy would ‘magically’ increase on Saturdays, and I passionately participated in classes. 🙂



Between Knowledge and Feeling


My explorations go further than a scientific perspective on human nature. My interest in a holistic approach to a human being led me to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, practice yoga, and deepen my understanding of ancient Eastern philosophies through various workshops and retreats. 


For over ten years, morning meditation has been an integral part of my life. It is not only my way to dive deeper into myself, but also a way to gain distance from what happens around.


One of the next stages in my journey of self-development and self-awareness was learning the secrets of energy management. A year-long participation in an international program not only allowed me to better take care of my well-being and understand the energetic dynamics in relationships, but also gave me tools to release tension, and stress accumulated in the body through simple practices.


Connection with our body is crucial for our self-awareness. Without self-observation and body awareness, it is difficult to understand oneself, and consequently, change something in life for the better.



Human Design


A few years ago, I stumbled upon Human Design system, which revealed answers to many questions that had been troubling me for years. One day, I was invited to a workshop led by Chetana Parkyna, my first teacher in this system. I joined his live broadcast and felt an incredible sense of calm. I knew I had found the missing piece of my puzzle.


Listening to the various elements of the Human Design map, I felt like I was refreshing knowledge that was familiar to me. It was a knowledge that had been hidden deep within me, just waiting to be rediscovered.


Suddenly, so many things made sense! My frequent feeling of being misunderstood, difficulties in permanently integrating with a group, energy fluctuations typical for a Projector (one of the energy Types recognized by the HD system), even my emotionality, which was so uncomfortable in the legal world—all these found their justification on my Human Design map. 


The tendency to quickly spot potential improvements and generate practical solutions—sometimes as if from a machine gun—are also reflected there. 



My Motivation


My purpose is to lead and inspire others in changes that bring them more satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment. My open Identity center and undefined Sacral center allow me to sense the needs of my clients deeply. This, in turn, helps me guide them toward their unique life path and goals.


My motivation is to guide a client in finding the answer to the questions: “How can I change what’s blocking me? How can I make my life better?” and then accompany him/her in implementing the changes.


I love watching my clients’ transformation week after week, their discovery of the missing pieces of their puzzle, regaining confidence and a sense of agency.


In my work I emphasize the importance of listening to oneself. I help clients understand how powerful their inner wisdom is and that there is no better authority than themselves.


I feel incredible satisfaction and fulfillment as I guide my clients through their personal transformation, which includes:


  • Getting to know and understand themselves better
  • Awareness of their unique potential and talents
  • Trusting intuition and the wisdom of their body
  • Identifying and changing limiting beliefs
  • Effective energy management



If this is something you’re currently seeking, let’s explore how we can work together



Katarzyna Terlecka

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