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Confidently leading women
to challenge their limitations
and authentically show up
with feminine power
and integrity.

Hello! I am Katarzyna Terlecka,

Empowerment Coach and Mentor for Professional Women.

I inspire deep change and empower through a customized approach.

From the OUTSIDE it seemed that I was a successful driven international attorney, filled with energy, ambition, and capacity.

But on the INSIDE, it felt like I was losing myself.

I was extremely tired, stressed and sad. I thought something was wrong with me.


For years my BODY and EMOTIONS SIGNALED that the path of a power-lawyer was not mine. I ignored these signs for a long time…. I just could not believe that I could give up such a career!

Systematic therapy and antidepressants did not help. There were days when I barely got out of bed… But somehow, I managed to drag myself to work again and again – and performed, acted strong, capable and happy.

All the while I was terrified that people might find out how MISERABLE I really was.

After a while living like this became impossible. I felt that I was living a lie.


I dove deep into the inner self-work. It made me realize how DISCONNECTED from my TRUE SELF I was!

I knew I had to find the way back.

Slowly and gradually I started to realize that my INNER STATE creates my REALITY – and to be healthy and happy I need to pay much more attention to what is going on internally with me.

The more I connected with my TRUE SELF, followed my body’s signs, and processed my emotions, the more convinced I became that I have to change my life.

At first, I tried to suppress this inconvenient realization… Eventually, I realized that I have no choice – or my power-driven career might just kill me!


When I was finally fully convinced that it was time to change my life in a drastic way – aka LEAVE a successful international attorney career! – to my shock I realized that I did not have sufficient CONFIDENCE and INNER POWER to make that change.  

Can you believe it? The professional woman who held the power in a room and closed international complex contracts suddenly felt SCARED?!?

This process of change did not happen in one day. As my personal evolution began, I built confidence through various self-awareness practices and intricate healing energy work. I realized how much my BELIEFS had limited me, stopped me from becoming the BEST VERSION of MYSELF.


Leaving the corporate legal market was one of the MOST DIFFICULT decisions of my life.

The JOY I feel when I guide my clients now and see their dramatic internal and external transformation is the best evidence that this was THE ONLY right decision!


Because of my professional career of over twenty years in the corporate world, and three years of running my own business, I am especially sensitive to the everyday struggles that women LIKE YOU are dealing with.

It can be so hard to be emotionally and spiritually balanced and follow your needs when your CAREER  environment REQUIRES you to put those emotions and needs away. Most of the professional women are in the “male world”, do we like it or not – and we are expected to SUPPRESS the feminine side of our nature for the “reward” of achievements and promotions.

It is hard to be creative and full of joy when there are deadlines, pressure to perform and to do it every time faster and faster! It is a challenge to find time to take care of yourself, to connect to the TRUE SELF . But the less time there is, the more you actually NEED IT.


If you feel ready to take care of yourself, to discover and maximize your true potential, I invite you to work with me.

There are three ways I could SUPPORT YOU. Choose the one that resonates with you the most: (i) 1:1 on-line coaching sessions, (ii) Discover & Maximize Your Potential – specifically designed two on-line sessions that will help you to discover and use your unique potential more consciously in your career, or (iii) the Inner Power Activation program.


I will EMPOWER and EQUIP you with the tools that will help you to discover your AUTHENTIC SELF, find out what are your unique TALENTS,  connect with your INTUITION and strengthen the FEMININE side of your nature.


You CAN step out of your fears and walk towards the AUTHENTIC YOU.

You CAN feel the INNER PEACE you are missing now.

You CAN find JOY inside and not outside.



All you need to do is to give yourself a chance and take the FIRST STEP. I will be thrilled to guide you in the next steps on this journey to your TRUE SELF.


Click below to set up a COMPLIMENTARY, no-obligation 30 minutes SESSION with me, so we can find out if we would be a good fit to work together.

Katarzyna Terlecka