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Hello! I am Katarzyna Terlecka,

Empowerment Coach and Mentor for Professional Women.

I inspire deep change and empower through a customized approach. Guiding individuals, teams, and communities towards success is one of my gifts.

How you can work with me

Energy Rebalancing Practice

  • Get rid of overwhelm and stress
  • Stop absorbing others’ emotions
  • Balance your energy for the rest of your day

1:1 online coaching/mentoring

I run online coaching programs for individual clients and coaching combined with mentoring for companies.

I invite you to have a look at the details of my offer. 

6-month custom program for professional women

6 month personal transformation program for professional women that will lead you to profound changes in your private and professional life. 

I am Katarzyna Terlecka, Authentic Empowerment Coach for Career and Entrepreneur Women.

I am Empowerment Coach and Mentor for professional women.

As a former attorney with over twenty years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and working with the top leaders around the world negotiating complex international transactions, I unite efficient systems with an intuitive approach to inspire and empower women in their personal growth.

Applying intuitive guidance, paired with knowledge of the Human Design system and my experience in the corporate world, I guide my clients toward success.

I help them leverage their gifts and unique potential and use their energy better, creating more efficiency at their job/business, mastering a system, or designing a new way of doing things.

I work with clients through individually tailored sessions online and custom-made workshops for groups. You can read more about me and my story here. 

“Katarzyna is a walking example of what it means to live a confident, spirit-driven life. I’ve been profoundly inspired by her courage to change careers, in alignment with her soul calling. I’ve also learned from her to trust myself more, especially my intuition. She’s a smart, gifted, and deeply wise healer and coach.”


“Katarzyna has sensitivity as a healer and listens to concerns. She really take into consideration what you are going through and can help put the pieces together– some things your may have not connected. Working with her helped me understand my blocks and issues that I’ve been working through my whole life.”


„Getting to know my Human Design chart added a new dimension to understanding myself. Suddenly, many of my decisions, frustrations, and how I was feeling for very long became clearer. It brought peace. And it brought acceptance. Finally, it all makes sense and feels so good.

Being an HD Generator, I could not understand many people around for years, rushing them impatiently to follow my speed. It created several misunderstandings and even loss of relationships.

Today, I know the differences between Types. I understand my strengths and weaknesses and the way I can use both. I can adapt to the diversity of paces in my team and my friends.

Thanks to Katarzyna, who convinced me to learn about my Human Design chart (she can be very convincing :)), I feel happier, and I can be much more efficient in reaching my goals.”

– Monika-

“Katarzyna is a truly listening and holding space practitioner. Thanks to her client driven approach, during our sessions, I was able to freely and openly observe the issues and challenges I was facing at that time. As a result of our sessions, I deepened my contact with energetic aspects of my body and received efficient tools to consciously harmonize my energetic system.”


As women, we tend to be our own harshest critics. My harshest critic – my own head – has been with me all my life.

With Kasia’s guidance and expertise, I managed to use Human Design to take a step back and see myself in a different light. This allowed me to acknowledge what I have always seen as character flaws and weaknesses, but also to accept them and see them as part of my personality.

To my own astonishment, I started to view those ‘weaknesses’ as essential for my internal strength. I understand myself so much better, and I believe that I understand others better too.”


“Kasia, above all, listens and perfectly connects the dots. 

She asks the right questions. I found the answers to my inner queries during the session with her and solved my problem. Kasia looks at the situation objectively. She has the wisdom that made me feel heard and understood.”


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Download my gift for you - ENERGY REBALANCING practice.
Feel HARMONY and CLARITY for the rest of your day.

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Complimentary Energy Balancing Practice

Feel harmony and clarity for the rest of your day


6-7 November 2021

An online weekend workshop for women

ready for a BREAKTHROUGH in life