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Hello! I am Katarzyna Terlecka,

Empowerment Coach and Mentor for Professional Women.

I inspire deep change and empower through a customized approach.

How you can work with me

Energy Rebalancing Practice


  • Get rid of overwhelm and stress
  • Stop absorbing others’ emotions 
  • Balance your energy for the rest of your day

1:1 online coaching


  • Experience breakthroughs in your career and private life 
  • Find a broader perspective on your challenges
  • Get clarity what your next steps in life are, so you become fulfilled, confident and happy

6-month custom program for professional women


  • Discover the energetic power of your emotions, thoughts and beliefes and start creating your own reality
  • Dive into specific meditation and visualization techniques, so you can connect with your True Self on a daily basis
  • Explore energetic tools to set boundaries, so you are not affected by other people’s emotions and energy
  • Stop procrastinating, so you have more free time
  • Learn how to handle any challenges life presents to you by balancing your feminine and masculine energy, so you live in alignment with your Authentic Self
I am Katarzyna Terlecka, Authentic Empowerment Coach for Career and Entrepreneur Women.

I am Empowerment Coach and Mentor for professional women.

As a former attorney with over twenty years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and working with the top leaders around the world negotiating complex international transactions, I unite efficient systems with an intuitive approach to inspire and empower women in their personal growth.

Applying intuitive guidance, paired with knowledge of the Human Design system and my experience in the corporate world, I guide my clients in discovery of their unique potential and connecting with their Authentic Self, so that they feel empowered to live their lives on their terms.

I work with clients through individually tailored sessions online and custom-made workshops for groups. You can read more about me and my story here. 

“Katarzyna is a walking example of what it means to live a confident, spirit-driven life. I’ve been profoundly inspired by her courage to change careers, in alignment with her soul calling. I’ve also learned from her to trust myself more, especially my intuition. She’s a smart, gifted, and deeply wise healer and coach.”


“Katarzyna has sensitivity as a healer and listens to concerns. She really take into consideration what you are going through and can help put the pieces together– some things your may have not connected. Working with her helped me understand my blocks and issues that I’ve been working through my whole life.”


“Sessions with Katarzyna were a beautiful journey inside me. It is a unique self-discovery. Thanks to her I learnt how to deal with stress, toxic people, and other aspects of my life that simple did not serve me. She also introduced me to powerful visualizations that enable my goals to come true and taught me how to discern voice of my intuition from my mind’s voice.”


“Katarzyna is a truly listening and holding space practitioner. Thanks to her client driven approach, during our sessions, I was able to freely and openly observe the issues and challenges I was facing at that time. As a result of our sessions, I deepened my contact with energetic aspects of my body and received efficient tools to consciously harmonize my energetic system.”


“Sessions with Katarzyna helped me to discover myself and my real needs. I am radiating every day now.”


“I have known Kasia for more than 15 years and some time ago witnessed her decision to establish her own practice connected with personal development. She did it with great enthusiasm, previously having prepared for it very thoroughly, in various places in Poland and abroad. She is very empathetic and attentive when dealing with people who ask for her advice. She is honest and very dedicated to her work.”


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Download my gift for you - ENERGY REBALANCING practice.
Feel HARMONY and CLARITY for the rest of your day.

Complimentary Energy Balancing Practice

Feel harmony and clarity for the rest of your day

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6-7 November 2021

An online weekend workshop for women

ready for a BREAKTHROUGH in life


6-7 November 2021

An online weekend workshop for women

ready for a BREAKTHROUGH in life