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I inspire deep, individual transformation
empower through customized approach.

Human Design

  • Discover your unique talents 
  • Find out your ideal decisions making process that results in a success
  • Learn the natural way of managing your energy that will help you to thrive in your career and private life
  • Discover limitations that may be stopping you from using your talents
  • Determine the first steps to make the best use of your unique energetic potential in your career

1:1 online coaching

  • Experience breakthroughs in your career and private life 
  • Find a broader perspective on your challenges
  • Get clarity what your next steps in life should be to help you feel fulfilled, confident and happy

6-month custom program for professional women

  • Discover your unique energetic potential, your natural talents and other elements of your individual Human Design chart
  • Dive into specific meditation and visualization techniques, so you can connect with your True Self on a daily basis
  • Explore energetic tools to set boundaries, so you are not affected by other people’s emotions and energy
  • Stop procrastinating, so you have more free time
  • Learn how to handle any challenges life presets to you by balancing your feminine and masculine energy, so you live in alignment with your Authentic Self
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