6 month
personal transformation program
for professional women

Is this you ?

  • Successful and strong woman from the outside but MISSING something INSIDE and can loving support, guidance and honest reflection.
  • Juggling too many things at once and dreaming of a BIT OF PEACE in your head.
  • Your Mind is your biggest ally, but you want to trust your HEART more, CONNECT with your FEELINGS and EMOTIONS on a much deeper level.
  • You sense that your FEMININE SIDE holds the key to taking your your business/career to the next level and desires to build a stronger CONNECTION to its POWER.
  • Sick and tired of wearing a mask in the business world and ready to delve into your TRUE SELF.

If this is you, then it is time to throw away all your limiting beliefs and activate your intuition, deepen your unique strengths and FULLY STEP INTO your POWER.

Here is what your life looks like when we work toghether:

  • You feel secure and empowered with your individual set of daily practices and tools, so that you start your days with more inner peace.
  • You express yourself with confidence and people appreciate your opinions even more.
  • You independently lead others in alignment with the Authentic You, so that your co-workers/team are inspired and motivated by you.
  • You are comfortable with setting healthy boundaries in relations with people, and thus you feel respected and heard.
  • You are present and grounded no matter what happens, so that it is much easier to take decisions while being under pressure.
  • You discover your inner strength and use it appropriately to express your power and your needs with authenticity and vulnerability.
  • You are able to discern the voice of your intuition from your mind’s voice, and can avoid risky situations.
  • You know that you are unique and special, regardless of people’s opinion about you, so that you handle difficult clients and co-workers with grace.
  • You take the best decisions in matters you can control, and surrender to what is meant to be, so that you feel calm about your future.
  • Feeling of joy is your new normal and you experience gratitude and love for yourself and the world around you.

This is what others say about working with me.

Katarzyna is a walking example of what it means to live a confident, spirit-driven life. I’ve been profoundly inspired by her courage to change careers, in alignment with her soul calling. I’ve also learned from her to trust myself more, especially my intuition. She’s a smart, gifted, and deeply wise healer and coach.


Katarzyna has sensitivity as a healer and listens to concerns. She really take into consideration what you are going through and can help put the pieces together– some things your may have not connected. Working with her helped me understand my blocks and issues that I’ve been working through my whole life.


Ready to discover your unique INNER POWER, activate your INTUITION, deepen your CONFIDENCE, and strengther the FEMININE side of your nature ?

Here is what is inside this exclusive INNER POWER ACTIVATION program:

Discover your True Essence

  • Explore and master connection with your intuition, so you can discern its voice from your mind’s voice;
  • Practice the observer’s approach to your thoughts, so you can differentiate them from your true inner callings;
  • Dive into specific meditation and visualization techniques, so you can connect with your True Self on daily basis;
  • Learn how to read your emotions in your body, so you can address them in a health way.

From insecurity to confidence

  • Transform limiting beliefs, so they cease to sabotage your self-worth;
    learn how to deal with procrastination, so you have more free time;
  • Explore energetic tools to set boundaries, so you are not affected by other people’s emotions and energy;
  • Connect with your solar plexus energetic center, so your inner power supports you in achieving your goals.

Create your reality

  • Learn basics of universal energy laws, so you can apply them in practice to your life;
  • Discover the energetic power of your emotions, thoughts and believes, so you start creating your own reality;
  • Explore the knowledge of neuroplasticity, so you can stop your fears and limiting habits;
  • Dive into empowering visualizations, so you can achieve specific goals you are focused on.

Trust your feminine power in the masculine world

  • Find out what are the features of feminine and masculine energy, so you can assess your own condition;
  • Discover how to balance your feminine and masculine side, so you can deal with any challenges in alignment with your Authentic Self;
  • Work with your second and fifth energetic centers, so your creativity and self-expression blooms;
  • Explore your individual clothing style so it emphasizes your feminine confidence in a business world.

Benefit from the Universe’s support

  • Practice expressing your vulnerabilities, so you find strength in asking for a support;
  • Connect with your Energy Guides, so your everyday life is full of miracles;
  • Discover power of manifestations and synchronicities, so you feel empowered no matter what;
  • Learn to trust the Universe and read its messages, so your life is so much simpler.

This program also includes:

  • A 6-month container to hold you in an amazing energy of Divine Feminine Power and to give you the foundation for profound transformation
  • 12 private mentoring sessions so you can have fully customized support every step of the way
  • 12+ assignments to keep you integrating and implementing what you are discovering so you can easily track your progress and see results with every mentoring session
  • Audio and video recordings for you to download and listen to in your own time so you can anchor in new practices
  • Email support throughout the program so you don’t have to wait to have your questions answered

Your energy centers clean up

  • Find out which of your energetic centers are working and which are blocked;
  • Benefit from their clearing and balancing so that you can feel the harmony and are ready to integrate the inner transformation deeper;
  • Find out how to keep your energy healthy on daily basis so that you can prevent any imbalanced before they even begin and feel more aware of the issues you need to focus on in order to stay healthy.

Stay connected & build momentum

  • 24 weeks of email support to keep you connected and moving forward;
  • 3 additional 30-minute calls so you feel secure and empowered in a time of any crisis and can get unstuck quickly!

If you are:

  • Curious what it feels like to stand in your Authentic power;
  • Aware that your emotions affect your experiences and desire to master them;
  • Already worked through many surface issues and ready to propel yourself to a whole new level of living, aligned with your True Self;
  • Willing to journey through the unknown to uncover your Heart power;
  • Ready to commit to your transformational journey and willing to put yourself first

Then I invite you to join me in this life-changing INNER POWER ACTIVATION Program!

This program is NOT for a woman who:

  • Is not willing to stretch, to show up, or to be responsible for her own results;
  • Talks about her desire for change but isn’t willing to do anything about it;
  • Determined to let her Mind govern her life and isn’t interested in opening to her emotions and deeper needs.

This is what others say about working with me.

Sessions with Katarzyna were a beautiful journey inside me. It is a unique self-discovery. Thanks to her I learnt how to deal with stress, toxic people, and other aspects of my life that simple did not serve me. She also introduced me to powerful visualizations that enable my goals to come true and taught me how to discern voice of my intuition from my mind’s voice.


Katarzyna is a truly listening and holding space practitioner. Thanks to her client driven approach, during our sessions, I was able to freely and openly observe the issues and challenges I was facing at that time. As a result of our sessions, I deepened my contact with energetic aspects of my body and received efficient tools to consciously harmonize my energetic system.


Sessions with Katarzyna helped me to discover myself and my real needs. I am radiating every day now.


I have known Kasia for more than 15 years and some time ago witnessed her decision to establish her own practice connected with personal development. She did it with great enthusiasm, previously having prepared for it very thoroughly, in various places in Poland and abroad. She is very empathetic and attentive when dealing with people who ask for her advice. She is honest and very dedicated to her work.


Don’t MISS OUT on this unique opportunity of PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION, embodying your WORTH and experiencing INNER PEACE!

A limited number of spots available per year!

Right now, in front of you, YOU HAVE A CHOICE to seek and find your AUTHENTIC SELF. BUT if you don’t act, tomorrow you will be IN THE SAME PLACE you are currently:

  • wearing a “perfection mask” while inside overwhelmed by STRESS and INSECURITIES,
  • craving INTERNAL PEACE but not able to find it,
  • PUSHED into circumstances and directions that are NOT IN LINE with your TRUE NEEDS and DESIRES.

EXPLORE this UNIQUE journey and discover NEW INSIGHTS about yourself!

If you have questions about the “INNER POWER ACTIVATION” program, send me an email and I will get right back to you and help you decide if this signature program is right for you. 

Send your message to and put “question about INNER POWER ACTIVATION” in the subject.
I will be in touch ASAP.

I am an Authentic Empowerment Coach and Mentor for Professional Women.

As an attorney with over twenty years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and working with the top leaders around the world negotiating complex international transactions, I am able to unite highly practical systems with an intuitive approach to inspire and empower women in their personal growth.

What distinguishes me from other mentors is the intuition that guides me during the work with clients. The deep knowings that I get, paired with my knowledge of the corporate world and the woman’s role in it, allow me to lead women in the discovery of their Authentic Self, connection with their unique Inner Power, and expression of depth of their Feminine Wisdom.


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