Root center in Human Design

Root Center

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that shows the unique energetic blueprint you were born with. 

It is a synthesis of science and esoteric traditions. It is synthesized from the chakra system, astrology, I’Ching, and Kabbalah, combined with genetic coding and astrophysics knowledge. 


A specialized software prepares your Human Design Life Chart (also known as BodyGraph) based on your date of birth (time, day, month, year, place).

From your Human Design Chart, you will find out what kind of person you were born to be. The Chart shows your unique potential, free from any conditioning. 


The Human Design Chart has several elements. One of them is nine energy centers that are energy hubs in the body and represent different aspects. In this post, I will tell you about the Root center.


Root center’s functions

The Root is one of the two pressure centers (the other is the Crown) and one of the three motor centers (next to the Emotions and the Will centers).

This is the center at the bottom of your Human Design chart.


The Root center is primarily responsible for:

  • action
  • pressure to engage and perform in life
  • stress


Biologically, the Root is related to the adrenal glands.


What does it mean that your center is defined or undefined?

Your Human Design Chart shows you if a center is defined, undefined, or open.


You have constant access to the center’s functions if defined (on your HD Chart, it is marked in color). The energy of such a center flow from the inside to the environment. The movement of energy is from the inside to the outside.


Undefined or open center (on your HD Chart, it is white) takes information and energy from the outside to the inside. You are then more susceptible to environmental influences in terms of the functions of a given center. You may tend to accept information and the energy of others as yours.


Do you have a defined Root center?

If your Root is defined, in particular:

  • you have a constant inner pressure to act and get on with things
  • you handle chaos and stressful situations well
  • you are blooming when you feel the adrenaline rush and thus may tend to get involved in risky sports or other challenging activities 
  • you may have trouble sitting still in one place, even for a moment
  • your need for action, adrenaline and internal pressure to engage with things affect others around you


Do you have an undefined or open Root center?

If your Root center is undefined or open, in particular:

  • when you are alone, relaxing and going on through life at your own pace are your natural state; problems start when you walk into the environment of people with a defined Root center, and experience stress that your Root center cannot handle 
  • you sense other people’s pressure to act and get involved; you may tend to treat others’ needs in this regard as your own
  • you may tend to rush into action to get rid of a pressure  
  • to be successful, you need to act on your terms; stress is a sign that you have stepped out of your integrity and that you are not acting in harmony with yourself
  • you do not have constant access to adrenaline, and you may tend to procrastinate


If you would like to find out what are the features of your individual Human Design Chart, I invite you to your Human Design reading.

Please write to me at: if you want to know more about such reading.


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