Emotions center in Human Design

Emotions Center in Human Design

What is Human Design?


Human Design is a system that shows the unique energetic blueprint you were born with. 


It is a synthesis of science and esoteric traditions. It is synthesized from the chakra system, astrology, I’Ching, and Kabbalah, combined with genetic coding and astrophysics knowledge. 


A specialized software prepares your Human Design Life Chart (also known as BodyGraph) based on your date of birth (time, day, month, year, place).


From your Human Design Chart, you will find out what kind of person you were born to be. The Chart shows your unique potential, free from any conditioning. 


The Human Design Chart has several elements. One of them is nine energy centers that are energy hubs in the body and represent different aspects. 



In this post, I will tell you about the Emotions center (also called the Solar Plexus center).


Emotions center’s (Solar plexus) functions


The Emotions center is one of the three motor centers (next to the Root and the Will centers). It is also one of the three awareness centers (it is responsible for emotional awareness).


It is located on the right side of your Human Design chart (opposite the Spleen center).


This center is the most powerful one and is primarily responsible for:


  • emotional awareness
  • expressing emotions
  • experiencing pleasures and suffering
  • desires


Biologically, the Solar Plexus is related to the kidneys, lungs, stomach, and nervous system.


What does it mean that your center is defined or undefined?


Your Human Design Chart shows you if a center is defined, undefined, or open.


You have constant access to the center’s functions if defined (on your HD Chart, it is marked in color). The energy of such a center flow from the inside to the environment. The movement of energy is from the inside to the outside.


Undefined or open center (on your HD Chart, it is white) takes information and energy from the outside to the inside. You are then more susceptible to environmental influences in terms of the functions of a given center. You may tend to accept information and the energy of others as yours.



Do you have a defined Emotions center?


If your Solar plexus is defined:


  • your truth lies in your emotions
  • you are an emotional person, and your emotions appear in waves
  • you may also tend to experience extreme emotions – one moment, you feel that the world is beautiful, and the next day, it is difficult for you to find even a tiny reason to be happy
  • it is essential that you accept your emotions and allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of your feelings (both positive and negative)
  • you shouldn’t be making decisions during emotional highs or lows; you must take the time and wait for emotional clarity to come
  • your emotions are so powerful that they dictate the mood of your environment and affect the spirit of those around you, especially those whose Emotions center is undefined or open


Do you have an undefined or open Emotions center?


If your Solar plexus is undefined or open, in particular:

  • you absorb the emotions of other people around you
  • it may be difficult for you to distinguish between your emotions and those of other people
  • when you learn to observe how your emotions change under the influence of others’ emotions, you can reflect your perception of what is going on and give an objective guidance
  • you keep away of any confrontations, which leads you to avoid expressing yourself or talking about potentially conflicting topics
  • you may tend to repress and disconnect from your emotions



Click here, if you would like to watch a video with my observations regarding dealing with the challenges of defined and undefined solar plexus.


If you would like to find out what is your unique potential and what are the elements of your individual Human Design Chart, I invite you to your Human Design reading.

Please write to me at: kontakt@healyourself.com.pl if you want to know more about such reading.


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