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Shiatsu – notes from an interview with Peter Woodcraft from the European Shiatsu School

Shiatsu - notes

In the Interviews tab, specifically here, you will find an interview with Peter Woodcraft – a therapist and teacher at the European Shiatsu School.

Below are the 5 most important pieces of information I learned from this conversation. I thought that you would find this cheat sheet useful 🙂

  1. From eastern perspective – Shiatsu moves the energy in our body and, as a result, prevents and deals with a number of medical issues.
  1. From western perspective – it stimulates parasympathetic system and thus encourages the body to rest.
  1. If we are stuck in one emotion, it can affect our health!
  1. Shiatsu is especially good for: (i) insomnia, (ii) chronic diseases e.g. asthma, (iii) mental problems, (iv) substance abuse problems, (v) diggestion issues, (vi) menstraul cycle issues.
  1. Contraindications to doing Shiatsu – first two trimesters of pregnancy.

If you want to learn more, in particular how Peter cured his asthma as a result of regular Shiatsu therapy, make sure to listen to the entire interview, you will find it here.

You can contact Peter and make an appointment with him through the European Shiatsu School.


The information presented in the article is not written by a doctor and does not constitute medical advice. Any suggestions that you find here are informative and can not be treated as a substitute for an individual diagnosis and individually selected treatment method.

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