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In search of the perfect balance – notes from interview with Emilia of zensitive

W poszukiwaniu idealnej równowagi.

In the Interviews tab, here to be precise, you will find an interview with Emilia Iwaniuk – yoga teacher, Zen Shiatsu masseuse and Kyudo archery instructor.

Below are the 5 most important points I have learned from this conversation.

I thought that you could find a cheat sheet useful :).

1. In life you need to “inhale” and “exhale”, act and refrain from acting. We often forget about this act of letting go and finding time for regeneration.

2. Who we spend time with, what we read, what we watch, how we function every day has a huge impact on our well-being.

3. Our conscious influence on our breathing has a bearing on the performance of our nervous system. The right breath, repeated for some time, calms our nervous system.

4. Yoga is one of the ways to observe yourself and your behavior. Our approach to asanas, conditions on the mat and people around is a mirror image of ourselves and our behaviors in everyday life.

5. Each of us is a house with 4 rooms. Peace of mind, rationality, body and emotions. To maintain harmony, you have to spend some time in each of them every day.

If you want to learn more, and in particular what breathing techniques to use to wind down after a day’s work, be sure to listen to the entire interview – you can find it here.


The information provided in the article is not written by a doctor and does not constitute medical advice. Any and all suggestions that are provided are informative by nature and should not be treated as substitutes for individual diagnosis and individually assigned treatment.

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