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3 simple steps you need to take to feel that your decision is correct for you

3 simple steps you need to take to feel that your decision is correct for you

I am sure you were faced with DIFFICULT DECISIONS a number of times in the past. How did you come about them?

Did you sit down with pen and paper, wrote arguments “for” and arguments “against” and then made a decision on the basis of that?

What was the result?

Was it a good decision for you?

How did you feel after?

I know how it is, believe me. I was in the same place for years – trying to make all my decision based on analysis and reasonable arguments. 

At some point, I realized, however, that my MIND IS NOT my best guide.

I realized, that I feel much better about my decisions when I follow my inner guidance rather than my mind.

As an Authentic Empowerment Mentor, I see that many women tend to base their decisions on their mind rather than inner guidance.

  • Were you told all your life that your mind is your biggest asset?
  • Were you told that to be appreciated, you need to be reasonable rather than emotional?
  • How about that in order to be taken seriously, you have to show your mental intelligence but not your emotions?

This was my belief for many years as well. But it put enormous pressure on me, and I realized how much better I feel following my inner guidance rather than my mind.

And now I am guiding my clients to listen to their inner guidance, so they too can experience relief of being more in tune with themselves.

Why turn into your inner guidance rather than listen to your mind’s direction?

  1. What your mind is telling you is BASED on THE PAST.

It is based on how you were raised, what you heard from your teachers and other authorities, what was your experience in certain situations. I don’t say that this all is completely useless, but it is limiting you for sure. How you can decide about your FUTURE based on your PAST?

  1. Mind is giving you FEAR-DRIVEN messages, especially if you want to do something in a way that is DIFFERENT than you were doing so far.

Mind is constructed in such a way that it warns you about “dangerous situations”. Every time you DO SOMETHING NEW or in a DIFFERENT WAY than before, your mind senses danger.

For example, let’s say that there are 3 people in a committee running your business or in your department, and important decisions were usually made by a majority vote of your two colleagues. Let’s say that in most cases, they were right.

How likely are you to raise your point of view in a meeting when you KNOW that what they’re proposing is NOT RIGHT this time? Isn’t it much more likely that you just follow your mind that tells you “they know what they’re doing” instead?

  1. Fear is an emotion of a LOWER VIBRATION.

Your emotions, thoughts and stories create vibrations in the space around you. If you feel fear, you are sending out low vibrations to the Universe. WHATEVER YOU SEND OUT, YOU GET BACK – the law of attraction explains that in more details and I am assisting my clients in experiencing that in practice.

So, if you are sending fear out, how you can receive joy?

You will SAVE a lot of TIME if you follow your inner guidance rather than your mind!

Instead of spending your time on endless analysis, considering various options and coming back to the question over and over because you’re still not sure if your decision was right, you can simply by-pass all that!

Remind yourself the last time you were making AN IMPORTANT DECISION.

  • Did you sleep well at night?
  • Did you ask other people about what they think?
  • Did you keep coming back to it?

It all takes so much time!

Decisions coming from your inner guidance will feel so much better:

  • they will come IMMEDIATELY,
  • they will be driven by JOY,
  • you will know that they are FINAL. 

How do you do this? How do you tune into your inner guidance?

Do you want to try this with me now?


  1. Connect to the Earth and to your body and take 3 deep BREATHS. Feel yourself relaxed and deep in your body.
  2. Bring your body into an energetic ALIGNMENT. Imagine a light going from the top to the bottom of your body.
  3. Open up, release any expectations, and ASK your question. Then wait – the answer will come immediately. You might feel it, hear it, know it.

If you don’t hear the answer, IMAGINE yourself making the decision and OBSERVE your body.

How does it react? Is it relaxed and light or tight and stressed? – these are also your “answers”!

I am so glad you are reading this because I have a GIFT for you! Simply go here and click on my Free Mini e-Book. It will help you STOP LIMITING your connection with your Inner Self, your Intuition. I bet there are some things you do habitually without even realizing that they limit your access to intuition!

So, if you DON’T want to base your decisions on FEAR and the PAST, and feel like saving some time during a day, FOLLOW THE STEPS ABOVE and connect with your inner self every time you want to make a decision.

It is a MATTER OF PRACTICE. You will get it!

If overanalyzing has been your problem and you want to finally free yourself from it, then write me at kontakt@healyourself.com.pl, so I can help you feel confident every time you make a difficult decision.

Can’t wait to help you see what is possible for you!

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