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TRE – notes from an interview with Grażyna Okulska, certified TRE Provider


In the Interviews tab, specifically here, you will find an interview with Grażyna Okulska – a certified TRE Provider. She teaches and provides support in the release of stress and trauma from the body.

Below are the 5 most important pieces of information I learned from this conversation. I thought that you would find this cheat sheet useful.

  1. Body pulsing that occurs in TRE is a physiological symptom of its activity. Usually, contraction occurs automatically, and ways to release it are yet unknown. The goal of TRE exercises is to help us learn how to use our nervous system through our bodies.
  2. The body knows this process. We don’t have to understand anything, we only have to learn to feel.
  3. The areas of the body’s functioning most commonly improved by TRE are: (i) deeper sleep, (ii) better digestion, (iii) less violent reactions (iv) loosening of trismus, (v) increased awareness of one’s needs.
  4. TRE can be combined with psychotherapy following consultation with the therapist.
  5. Contraindications to the use of TRE exercises include: (i) pregnancy, (ii) postoperative recovery requiring tissue healing, (iii) severe depression (iv) bipolar disorder, (v) schizophrenia.

If you want to learn more, in particular how TRE exercises have helped Grażyna recover from a severe knee ligament injury, make sure to listen to the entire interview, you will find it here.


The information presented in the article is not written by a doctor and does not constitute medical advice. Any suggestions that you find here are informative and can not be treated as a substitute for an individual diagnosis and individually selected treatment method.

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