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Stress – notes from interview with dr n. med Anna Kieszkowska-Grudny

Under the Interview tab, you’ll find an interview with Dr. Anna Kieszkowska – Grudny, the only person in Poland certified by The American Institute of Stress, with a vast knowledge and experience of the topic.

The interview is available in Polish only.

I thought that you might be interested in 5 pieces of information that I found most important in the conversation.

1. Keeping away from technology for the first hour after waking up has an enormous effect on our productivity and efficiency throughout the day – keep all your mobile devices outside the bedroom and leave checking your messages for after you have finished your morning beauty routine.

2. A cold, 15-20-second-long blast of water at the end of your morning shower gets the mitochondria in our body running, or more precisely, producing energy – run the stream from the feet up and signal your cells to start pumping energy.

3. Listening to ocean/sea waves makes our brain work in a delta-wave pattern. This lets us achieve an effect similar to that of longer sleep or meditation – a short break during the day listening to recordings of waves will definitely make your head clearer.

4. Stress projects onto our (i) behavior, (ii) emotions, (iii) way of thinking, (iv) body – keep an eye on yourself and look for the causes of disconcerting changes in one or even several of these areas simultaneously, work on eliminating the causes of stress.

5. Approach potentially stressful situations with curiosity – instead of compounding worst-case scenarios, encourage your brain to find positive ones by asking yourself the question “what if…”


The information provided in the article is not written by a doctor and does not constitute medical advice. Any and all suggestions that are provided are informative by nature and should not be treated as substitutes for individual diagnosis and individually assigned treatment.

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