Spleen center in Human Design

Spleen center in Human Design

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that shows the unique energetic blueprint you were born with. 

It is a synthesis of science and esoteric traditions. It is synthesized from the chakra system, astrology, I’Ching, and Kabbalah, combined with genetic coding and astrophysics knowledge. 

A specialized software prepares your Human Design Life Chart (also known as BodyGraph) based on your date of birth (time, day, month, year, place). From your Human Design Chart, you will find out the person you were born to be. The Chart shows your unique potential, free from any conditioning. 


The Human Design Chart has several elements. One of them is nine energy centers that are energy hubs in the body and represent different aspects. 

In this post, I will tell you about the Spleen center.


Spleen center functions

The Spleen is 1 of 3 awareness centers.

It is located on the left side of your Human Design Chart, opposite the Emotional center (also known as the Solar Plexus).


The Spleen center is primarily responsible for:

  • survival 
  • immunity
  • intuition 
  • spontaneity


The following deep-seated fears can albo be found at the Spleen center:

  • fear of failure
  • fear of never getting it right or nothing ever being perfect enough 
  • fear that you don’t know enough 
  • fear of the future or the unknown
  • fear of failing your responsibility or letting down people you love 
  • fear of the past or fear of the past repeating itself 
  • fear of death or fear that life has no meaning


Which of the above fears apply to you depends on the Spleen gates you have defined. Your Human Design Chart shows this. 


Anatomically, this center relates to immune system, lymphatic system and the spleen. 

What does it mean that a center is defined or undefined?

Your Human Design Chart shows you if a center is defined, undefined, or open.


You have constant access to the center’s functions if it is defined (it is marked in color on your HD Chart). The energy of such center flows from the inside to the environment. The movement of energy is from the inside to the outside.


Undefined or open center (it is white on your HD Chart) takes information and energy from the outside to the inside. You are more susceptible to environmental influences in terms of the functions of a given center. You may tend to accept information and the energy of others as yours.

Do you have a defined Spleen center?

If your Spleen center is defined, in particular:

  • you are highly intuitive
  • you are sensitive (sometimes even oversensitive) when it comes to potential danger around you, and you are constantly scaning your environment for any sense of threat
  • you have a robust immune system
  • you are spontaneous


Do you have an undefined or open Spleen center?

If your Spleen center is undefined or open, in particular:

  • you are very aware of fears of those around you; you mirror fears of others
  • fears can overwhelm you more than someone who has defined Spleen
  • you tend to stick to things that no longer serve you because of fear or lack of alternatives
  • you sense the well-being in others, but paradoxically you may struggle to recognize your own well-being
  • your immune system is weaker than people with a defined Spleen
  • you may be sensitive to drugs, and homeopathy or natural medicine can better support your body’s needs
  • you may have psychic capabilities; many clairvoyants and mediums of various kinds have this center undefined


If you would like to learn the features of your Human Design Chart or you would like to find out what is your unique potential, I invite you to a Human Design reading with me. Write to me at: kontakt@healyourself.com.pl if you want to know more about such reading.

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