Is it mine or yours? – how to start living in harmony with yourself

Czy to moje, czy Twoje?

Do you live in harmony with yourself daily?

Do you ever wonder what it means to be in harmony with yourself?

Do you listen to your needs, YOUR TRUTH?

Regardless of what your interlocutor, partner, group or majority of people around you say.


Many of us don’t know what exactly her truth is,

why is she here,

what she needs in a given situation.


Are you scared of the enormity of work that you would have to do to reach YOUR TRUE SELF?

Or maybe you don’t have time for it, live at a dizzying pace, and there are always more important topics?

Work, partner, children, responsibilities.

What if the path to the Real You are small steps that, if taken consistently, will eventually allow you to reach YOUR TRUTH?

Read on if you want to know what you can do every day to slowly come closer to your truth and understand your True Self.


Is it mine or her/his?

Although you may not always be aware of it, your emotions, decisions, and actions often reflect the people’s feelings and needs around you.

Have you ever entered a room refreshed in which negotiations had been going on for several hours or a room where two people were arguing bitterly?

How quickly did your good mood and freshness disappear? After a few or several minutes???

It happened because you consciously or not feel the emotions of those around you. What’s more, your brain works like a mirror – by registering another person’s emotions, it fires up the same neurons in you, as if you were experiencing these emotions yourself.

But there are ways to deal with that!

For example, go through the following three steps:

  1. NOTICE that you are feeling someone else’s emotions.
  2. OBSERVE where in your body you feel them.
  3. Ask yourself the QUESTION: “Is this mine or her/his “?

These simple steps will allow you to realize, for example, whether the fear of an upcoming deadline at work that you feel in the presence of your boss is your fear or his. Maybe you are just unconsciously taking it over.

The same applies when your partner jumps from excitement for the upcoming weekend in the mountains. You seem to feel joy, but you are unsure if you really want that or just share his emotions.

By following the three steps above, you will be HERE and NOW in seconds. It will be easier for you to disconnect from another person’s emotions and needs and realize what IS and IS NOT YOURS.

As with everything, the more you go through them, the more self-aware you will be. And of course, realizing it is only the first, but very important, step to change!


Five senses

Here is another proven method that will allow you to better connect with the REAL YOU and your INTUITION over time.

Pause from time to time throughout the day and observe the situation in which you are with all five senses:

(i) eyesight,

(ii) hearing,

(iii) taste,

(iv) smell and

(v) touch.

For example, while sitting in front of your laptop, waiting for a taxi, or standing at the printer, from which the document exits relentlessly, notice one by one: what you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch.

The above will allow you to pause, feel and experience the moment to its fullest.

By systematically pausing and embracing reality with your five senses, with time, it will be easier to notice how you feel, what your needs are, what your body and your intuition say.


These are just examples of how you can be getting CLOSER to YOURSELF and start noticing the difference between what you feel and what the people around you feel. Even if their emotions are intense.

If you feel that the time has come for specific changes and you need the support of a person who will not only listen to you but HEAR YOU and offer you tools tailored to YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS, contact me (just click on the button below).

We’ll see if I can help you.

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