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If you really don’t feel like … and the deadline is creeping up… – how I deal with procrastination

For some time I have been working on a program for women, in which I would like to pass on what I have learned so far and what helps me live in harmony with myself.

On the one hand, this work is accompanied by excitement and joy, but on the other hand, there is a fear that I will not be able to cope with expectations (mainly those of my own).

One of the tasks that I had to do recently was to work out the details of a six-month program, including materials and a weekly breakdown.

I put it off and put it off… until the day of the deadline came and I had no choice but to get on with it.

As soon as I sat down at my laptop, my personality began to provide me with LOTS OF REASONS NOT TO DO IT. Among other things, it came to me that: “it makes no sense and I can’t do it properly today …”, “the instructions from the coach are unclear, I won’t be able to put it into practice …”, “after all, everything I know is obvious, there’s nothing special about it … ”. Besides, I did not notice or did not want to notice that at the end of the e-mail there are additional resources for this task (I already wanted to write about this and ask for a postponement due to the lack of attachments ;). Eventually I felt like sleeping and I was close to taking a nap..!

Fortunately, I already know these tactics my mind likes to use and know that all this is a fear of doing something NEW, of doing something DIFFERENT than usual. I know these are the tricks of my personality, and if I follow them, I won’t achieve ANYTHING.

It wasn’t easy to follow this awareness. Sometimes, even though I’m aware of something, I don’t do anything about it. This time, however, I DECIDED TO take a different approach.

I took three deep breaths and imagined myself and felt emotions that will be associated with the end result in the form of a finished program. I felt joy and lightness.

It was enough to take the first step and start writing. At first it was quite laborious, but at some point, inspiration started flowing in at a sprinter’s pace. I barely had time to write it down. I spent four hours in a “trance”, without eating, drinking and taking an Instagram break 😉 I didn’t feel the passage of time.

The program is ready and I’m happy with it. I feel lightness, joy and fulfillment. I have a feeling that I could now move the proverbial mountains. I’m writing this post immediately AFTER the program is finished. I would like to write / create even more.

I’m writing about it because I know HOW HARD it is to get your act together sometimes, how many convincing arguments not to do something different our mind gives us, how often the body supports the mind in this game, the prize of which is YOUR FULFILLMENT, JOY and another step towards the NEW.

I hope you will be inspired by my story at least a little. Have a go… DECIDE and do DIFFERENT than before!

And if you need help, write to me. I will guide you in this process and assist you in discovering the REAL YOU.

The information presented in the article is not written by a doctor and does not constitute medical advice. Any suggestions that you find here are informative and can not be treated as a substitute for an individual diagnosis and individually selected treatment method.

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