How to create your reality rather than just accept what life throws at you.

How to create your reality

Do you often have any of the following thoughts?

Why am I attracting such challenging clients…

Why do I always have so much work…

Why things don’t follow as I want them sometimes…


If you had enough of feeling OVERWORKED, CONFUSED, or PRESSURED, and you are ready and determined to change this, keep reading!

YOU ARE CREATING these experiences.



Let me explain why I say that you are creating your reality – your thoughts, emotions and stories you are telling yourself are like self-fulfilling prophecy. 


Your thoughts, emotions and stories have certain energetic power of SPECIFIC FREQUENCY.


The Universe is a big quantum field consisting of information, solutions and events of certain vibrations.

All of this ALREADY EXISTS there in a form of energy. If you are having thoughts like:

  • “life is hard”,
  • “I need to work really hard in order to show people how valuable `I am”,
  • “if I don’t work hard enough, I will never deserve the increase in my salary”,

then the Universe will bring to you the circumstances, people and situations that will confirm just that.


You will be getting difficult assignments,

will be working with challenging people and

will have to fight for raise in your salary or won’t get it at all…


Your reality can look totally different though and YOU CAN CHANGE THAT.

You can change that by changing the frequency of your thoughts, emotions and stories.

This is something I am working with my clients on as part of my Inner Power Activation program. We identify your current patterns and work on changing them to those of much higher frequency.

If you are ready to change the energetic frequency of your thoughts, emotions and stories then message me.


In the meantime, I would like to share with you some effective rules that made a huge DIFFERENCE in my REALITY since I started applying them. My clients appreciate them GREATLY and to my joy report on the POSITIVE outcomes shortly after introducing them into their life:  

  • BE CONSCIOUS of what you are sending out to the Universe in the form of thoughts and emotions. Every time you catch yourself on limiting thought or belief RE-DIRECT it to an empowering one.
  • Work with intentions. Be SPECIFIC but OPEN. Ask for what you need but leave an open space for the Universe to bring you the solution.
  • PROCESS your FEARS. Fear acts like a repellent, it limits or even blocks the power of your intention.
  • TRUST that you will get what you asked for. Send the intention out to the Universe and stop thinking about it. Just OPEN YOURSELF for the outcome.
  • MEDITATE daily, so that your body is naturally PROCESSING “difficult” EMOTIONS that were stacked in your body for years.

You can definitely change your reality and create it, rather than accept this what is happening to you!


I am sure that you know this – anything new requires a consistent practice in order to work. A consistency is required here as well.

Be CONSISTENT, and you will see the change that you are craving for.

OBSERVE what is happening.

From my experience with clients, WRITING DOWN those things that come up as part of steps 1-3 is more effective than just thinking of them. You will especially feel the difference when you work on your fears.

So, create a special journal where you WRITIE about your thoughts, emotions and beliefs connected with specific situations that happen in your life.

Write down whatever COMES UP NATURALLY, without any judgement as to the grammar and content. Come back to this what you wrote after a while only in order to see the progress.


To sum it up – you now know that:

  • YOU CAN CREATE your reality,
  • you KNOW which STEPS to take in order to get where you want to be,
  • and you just need to START in order to experience the shift in your life. 🙂


Have you just read this and know that this is exactly what you need, but you also know that you need ACCOUNTABILITY?

You need someone to walk the path with you – because even though you know some of this information mentally, it might be difficult to change things ON YOUR OWN?

If you want support in the time of doubts and transformation, so you can create the reality you want – MESSAGE ME right now, so I can help you!

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