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Beautiful skin during the cycle


During the menstrual cycle, the skin’s level of hydration, sensitivity and rate of regeneration change. Therefore, effective care will not be the same throughout the whole month.

Beginning of cycle - desert skin

At the beginning of the cycle, a low level of oestrogen – the hormones that increase the ability to bind water by the epidermis – makes us susceptible to dry skin. The amount of progesterone, which is responsible for the performance of sebaceous glands, is also small. This often results in an unpleasant feeling of skin tension.

We say "yes" to:

  • moisturizing mists, also used on our make-up (note, they must also contain a fat phase that will retain water in the skin),
  • auto-massages such as: CosmoLifting, Wuchu, massages using knuckles with a large amount of nutritional oils,
  • serums with copper peptides, ceramides or hyaluronic acid,
  • UV filters – they are a must, because your natural protection from the sun is now at its lowest.

I will be happy to teach you everything in class. Your complexion will be pampered, moisturized and smoothed. The massage nourishes the deep layers of the skin, which the serum itself cannot do.

We're careful with:

  • Vitamin C and retinol – they may irritate sensitive skin in this phase of the cycle,
  • invasive procedures – they will probably end with bruises, because your blood coagulates weaker (and, moreover, you display a greater sensitivity to pain).

10th to 16th day of the cycle - the explosion of femininity

During this time, oestrogen levels increase and, albeit more slowly, progesterone levels do, too. This period, so good for our skin, lasts until the 16th day of the cycle. Ovulation, which takes place around the middle of the cycle is when the shape of our skin is at its peak, when oestrogen levels in the body are highest. Regeneration, hydration and colouring are optimal. Irritation, pimples become past issues. Just watch out for discoloration. High levels of oestrogen increase its likelihood.

We say "yes" to:

  • UV creams – don’t like them? I’m on the fence as well, but I am even lesser fan of discoloration,
  • deep auto-massages, which will still boost the regenerative skin potential in this period; you will quickly notice the improvement of your skin’s thickness and firmness,
  • Vitamin C,
  • alpha-lipoic acid,
  • retinol.

The end of the cycle - you want to cover the mirrors

Pimples and blackheads can become a plague. Progesterone has taken over the skin and it’s not a good look. Increased production of sebum plus the narrowed mouth of the sebaceous glands is a duo straight out of a cosmetic nightmare. As if that was not enough, the body also begins to accumulate water, and in the area around the eyes and neck swellings appear.

We say "yes" to:

  • scrubs,
  • clay masks,
  • antiseptic anti-acne oils (neem, castor, tea tree, lemon),
  • light moisturizing creams,
  • daily auto-massages – provided that there are no pimples on the skin (if there are, then we wait),
  • hormonal yoga – many of the troublesome aesthetic symptoms of the end of the cycle disappear thanks to the regulating effect of the endocrine system!

If you do get swollen, massage the area around the jaw and eyes in the evening with bristles. This way you will reduce the bags under the eyes and the swelling of the face oval.
Your mood also often worsens a few days before the period, and the skin reacts very much to the mental state. For the sake of us as a whole, and our skin in particular, let’s pamper ourselves then, let’s enjoy ourselves, let’s do something that entertains us and interests us. It’s just a few days, and then all’s good again!

Want to learn more or get in touch with a specialist?

If you would like to attend classes or workshops led by the author of this article, Olga Szemley, you can find her here www.yogattractive.com. Olga is the creator of the Yogattractive -a unique anti-aging facial yoga method, certified Bikram and Warm Vinyasa yoga teacher, artist and globetrotter. She was researching female beauty rituals on five continents for 12 years. She combined her love for beauty and yoga creating Yogattractive – method of taking care of face and neck skin in an effective, natural and healthy way.

The information presented in the article is not written by a doctor and does not constitute medical advice. Any suggestions that you find here are informative and can not be treated as a substitute for an individual diagnosis and individually selected treatment method.



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