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lek. med. Helena Gworek – internal medicine doctor, rheumatologist, specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, specialist in aesthetic medicine

What does she do?

Qualified specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing 2002). She has completed practical and theoretical courses in China and numerous Traditional Chinese Medicine courses in Poland and abroad.

She has many years’ experience in the treatment of internal, rheumatic, oncological and gynecological diseases. She uses acupuncture (in particular: pain syndromes, psychosomatic diseases, diseases related to digestion, prevention and support for oncological treatment) and prepares Chinese herb recipes as part of her prescribed treatment.

She is a specialist in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. She performs modern aesthetic treatments based on natural ingredients and treatments for rheumatic diseases, including the use of plasma.

Why the recommendation?

Helena is a great specialist when it comes to acupuncture and preparation of Chinese herbal remedies.

Her diagnosis and recommendations for further treatment are always preceded by a thorough conversation about not only the details of the ailments associated with the condition being treated but also the patients’ well-being. The patient feels that all her attention is devoted to him. In my case, the treatments advised by the doctor resulted in a significant improvement of my immunity system and pain syndromes.

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