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Grażyna Okulska – TRE® Provider (2012 certificate)

Grażyna Okulska, TRE

What does she do?

The beginnings of Grażyna’s relationship with the TRE® had a lot to do with her search for a way to recover and regain balance after a ski accident and knee surgery in 2010. In 2011-2012, Dr. David Berceli and the German therapist Heiner Steckel conducted the first training for TRE® Providers in Poland. Grażyna not only participated in these trainings, but received a certificate allowing her to conduct individual and group TRE® sessions.

In the following years, Grażyna developed and deepened processes integrating in-body experiences based on her own practice, supervision (including advanced supervision with Dr. David Berceli, the creator of TRE®) and exchange of experience at workshops with other teachers and providers. TRE® has become her favorite way of staying in touch with herself, with other people and with nature.

Earlier, from 2005, in the search for a way to better communicate with her body and emotions, she spent several years practicing the 5 Rhythms according to Gabriel Roth and, in spite of the hiatus brought about by her accident, she has been practicing it to this day.

Her curiosity to feel, see, understand herself and mutual relations also guided her choice of graduating from the University of Communication and Social Media with a specialization in Mediation, negotiations (2000), as well as completing a coaching training course of conducting psychosocial skills workshops (2002).

Why the recommendation?

Grażyna shares her knowledge of TRE® with great enthusiasm. During classes, she is completely focused on the participants. She easily finds common ground with participants. She inspired me to pay more attention to my body’s needs. After my first TRE® practice sessions with Grażyna, I felt so relaxed that I overcame my fear of doing live appearances on social media. 🙂

If you want to learn more about TRE®, please read my notes from the interview with her. You will find them here.  

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