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Emilia Iwaniuk – yoga teacher, Zen Shiatsu masseuse, Kyudo archery instructor

Pic. Natalia Kontraktewicz

What does she do?

For 8 years she has been conducting regular yoga classes in yoga schools, as well as workshops and individual sessions. Building a relationship with the breath is the basis for mindful practice for her. Learning yoga with respect for your abilities and limitations, without judging, rivalry or haste is another of her priorities. She is constantly expanding her knowledge by participating in workshops and courses complementing her holistic approach to yoga and working with the body.

She practices Zen Shiatsu massage, a Japanese massage technique that combines the tradition of oriental medicine with the achievements of modern Western medicine. This technique of attentive touch equally affects the body, mind and emotions. Deeply relaxing massage, which induces the body into a state of balance and harmony, can involve both the body and the face.

She also practices Kyudo, traditional Japanese archery. She has a 3rd Dan and a sports instructor’s license in archery.

Why the recommendation?

Emilia approaches her students with great care. She treats everyone individually and always remembers the problematic parts of the body. During classes, she not only focuses on the correctness of the asanas but above all on the breath, which is a key element of the practice. After classes with Emilia, on the one hand you feel a large dose of energy and a willingness to face the world, and at the same time a sense of remarkable inner harmony.

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