Human Design Reading

Human Design Reading

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During the Human Design Reading, you will discover who you are and why you are here.


I will guide you through your Human Design chart, which shows how you are genetically and energetically designed to function and how you function on conscious and unconscious levels. 

You will discover your unique potential from birth, free of any conditioning (e.g., your upbringing, environment, and authorities that influenced you your whole life).


Human Design reading covers:


· Type – how you are designed to use your energy best in work, relationships, and life; how you can fully benefit from your energetic potential


· Strategy – how to create the most aligned opportunities and experiences in your life


· Profile – how the world/people see you; how you are designed to align with your purpose: how you can best share your work with the world 


· Authority – what is the best way of making decisions for you to be successful; what is your internal compass


· Centers – where you get a continuous and reliable source of energy from; where you give and where you receive energy from others; where you impact others and where you are most sensitive to the energy of others


· main Gates and Channels – your unique gifts, strengths, and limitations  


· Incarnation Cross – what is your life purpose in this incarnation.


There will be a space for you to ask questions so that you can incorporate this new knowledge into your everyday life.


I go deep and I am very much into the embodiment of Human Design. So, you will leave the reading inspired, empowered, and motivated to make the next steps towards a fulfilled and joyful life. 




The session lasts between 90 and 120  minutes.


Once I receive the payment, you will receive an email with a proposed timing of a meeting on Zoom. 


Alternatively,  you may contact me at before making the payment to secure a specific date.


You will receive a recording of the session.


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Discover & Maximize Your Unique Potential


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