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Follow Your Inner Wisdom – episode 2 – Teresa Wornstaff

I would like to present to you the 2nd episode of the “Follow Your Inner Wisdom” podcast series.

My guest, Teresa Wornstaff, is a Collaborative Leadership Advisor and Coach. You can find out more about her and how to contact her below. 

Our conversation is full of Teresa’s practical wisdom that will be helpful to any professional in dealing with her daily challenges.  

You will learn from this video in particular:

  • how to make challenging decisions using your inner wisdom
  • how to distinguish your intuition from what your mind is telling you
  • what to do if you need to clear your mind but a sitting meditation is not an option for you
  • how to deal with difficult emotions on the spot 

Find out more about Teresa:

Teresa is a high level intuitive who not only can expand her knowing throughout the dimensions but broadly across multiple spectrums.

She has lived the corporate life and knows the agony of existing in a place that doesn’t see you or allow you to thrive from your purpose and authentic expression.

She knows that life doesn’t happen to you, it reflects you, and has worked diligently to understand how to create abundance on all levels so she can help others live an authentic life and thrive powerfully! Teresa does this in her one on one coaching and she also supports living your soul’s purpose with her workshop “BE Influential Leadership.” 

Teresa also holds a free Trust Circle every Tues at noon pacific. For information on how to work with her or join her free Trust Circle, you can email her at teresa@teresawornstaff.com or check out her website at teresawornstaff.com

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