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Follow Your Inner Wisdom – episode 1 – Aline Harmsen

I realized that I have heard IT for a long time already but I did not listen“. 

This is what Aline said during our conversation about the connection with her Inner Wisdom. It resonated with me a lot as I also “heard” or “felt” that I need to change my life for some time before I finally had the courage to do that.   

We talked about a number of interesting topics – energy healing, changes in life, people connection, boundaries, spirituality, meditation, and some others. 

I am sure you will find something for you there 🙂

Find out more and get in touch with Aline:

Aline is helping her clients to find balance and clarity through private energy healing sessions on distance. 

When the energy is not flowing, people often get sick. Aline will discern and clear the blockage. Then healing happens on many levels.

You can read more about her services and contact her through her site –  www.alineharmsen.com.