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3 things you need to know about your energy management – part 3 – Projector

Are you a Projector according to Human Design?

If yes, you are most likely different from 80 percent of people around you!

I am a Projector myself, and I know how difficult it is sometimes to find yourself in a group, especially a group full of people with a defined sacral center. 

In this video, I share essential information about Projector’s energy management. You will learn, among other things: (i) why you should take care of your energy more than others, (ii) what frequent fatigue means for a Projector, (iii) what is your natural role, (iv) how is it best to arrange your relationships to feel satisfied and joy every day.

If after watching this video you feel that you need to learn more about yourself and your individual potential, I invite you to a Human Design reading with me. To schedule a session, write me at kontakt@healyourself.com.pl