Grażyna Okulska – TRE® Provider (2012 certificate)

Grażyna Okulska, TRE

In 2011-2012, Dr. David Berceli and the German therapist Heiner Steckel conducted the first training for TRE® Providers in Poland. Grażyna not only participated in these trainings, but received a certificate allowing her to conduct individual and group TRE® sessions

Teresa Majewska – psycho-dietitian, Traditional Chinese Medicine dietitian

She is a psycho-dietitian, Traditional Chinese Medicine dietitian, a member of the Polish Psychological Society. She conducts individual and family consultations, nutritional training, workshops and lectures. For over 15 years she has been professionally involved in the promotion of health, in particular with the impact of diet on the prevention and treatment of civilization diseases.

Emilia Iwaniuk – yoga teacher, Zen Shiatsu masseuse, Kyudo archery instructor

For 8 years she has been conducting regular yoga classes in yoga schools, as well as workshops and individual sessions. Building a relationship with the breath is the basis for mindful practice for her. Learning yoga with respect for your abilities and limitations, without judging, rivalry or haste is another of her priorities.

dr n. med. Anna Kieszkowska-Grudny – psychologist, certified psychotherapist and coach

dr n. med. Anna Kieszkowska-Grudny – psycholog, psychoterapeuta i coach

She is a certified cognitive-behavioral therapist at the Polish Society for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy. She is also certified by the European Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. The first specialist in the comprehensive diagnostics, treatment and management of stress in Poland and Europe certified by The American Institute of Stress.

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